Sad they lost, still a good view.

Sad they lost, still a good view.


I just made spinach and cheese scrambled eggs and oh my god.

Food-gasm in action.

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I found this extremely trippy, weird supposedly psychological test, where they ask you to tie together these shapes and give them characteristics. 

I just posted a few questions up. As you can see it’s really, really odd and slightly creepy.

At the end of the test they gave you a personality description based on your choices.

Try it for yourself here

Masterpost of creepy websites

….why…mmmm all im going to say is 
A) it made me uncomfortable
B) i dont like how accurate it is

I think this test shattered my soul

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« The Real Africa : Fight The Stereotype » by Thiri Mariah Boucher


I personally love this.

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How I feel today.

How I feel today.

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